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Swim Lessons at your pool: We offer classes in time increments of either 30, 40, or 60 minutes. If you need more time please call the office and get a quote.
Please note that all class rates are per lesson not per student. For example, if you have a friend (or few!) you can choose to share a lesson and split the cost between the families. Get a group together and save!

*There is a one time registration fee of $10 per student. This membership is good for life.

Single lesson:

30 minutes $35

40 minutes $45

60-minutes $60

Series of 4 lessons:

30 minutes $140

40 minutes $180

60 minutes $240

Series of 8 lessons: 5% savings!

30 minutes $266 (Save $14)

40 minutes $342 (Save $18)

60 minutes $456 (Save $24)

Series of 12 lessons: 10% savings! Best Value. Savings is a free class!

30 minutes $378 (Save $42)

40 minutes $486 (Save $54)

60 minutes $648 (Save $72)

Lifeguards: Have a private lifeguard at your next pool party! Relax at your own party while a professional lifeguard keeps a watchful eye on all your guests. We bring all of our own equipment.

There is a 2 hour minimum for each party. Each hour is $40 per lifeguard.