Aqua Buddies has a new location! We are happy to announce we will be at Church of the Chimes at 14115 W Magnolia Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. 

Our hours will be MONDAY-FRIDAY 10am-12pm AND 3pm-5pm.  Saturday hours will be 9am-11am.

From green swimmers to those wanting to perfect their strokes we have a class for you! The classes are all one on one lessons and 20 minutes long.

To schedule lessons call (818) 599-5952 or email us at!


Flexible scheduling! Pick from 1-5 times a week. We can work with your schedule.

Cost: 10 classes for $300 plus a one time registration fee of $10 per student.


Tadpole: For non-swimmers the emphasis is on comfort in the water, development of going underwater, kicking, arm paddles, floating, and able to get out of the pool unassisted.

Starfish: For the swimmer that can swim unassisted. The emphasis is front and back crawl stroke, floating on back and beginning side breathing.

Blowfish: Ages 5-102. Master freestyle and backstroke. Start on elementary backstroke, and introduction to breaststroke.

Frog: Ages 5-102. This class is for swimmers that are able to swim freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke. The emphasis is refining breaststroke and  introduction on butterfly.

Dolphin: Ages 5-102. For swimmers who are able to swim freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Emphasis is butterfly and refining all other techniques.

Adult classes:  It's never late to learn how to swim! Adult swim lessons are for those individuals who wish to learn to swim or those who want to improve their technique and feel safe and secure in any body of water!